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Tree work is difficult, heavy, grueling and dangerous. It takes a crew of knowledgeable experts to do this work – climbing high into trees with chainsaws, ropes and expertise to skillfully and safely get down limbs and trunks without damaging property – then, clean it all up.

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Fowler’s Tree Services

Tree Trimming Services 3 | Fowler's Tree and Fence

Tree Trimming

When big limbs and branches need to come down due to damage, hanging too low or encroachment, we have the experience and tools needed to trim any size tree safely and responsibly.

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Fowler's Tree Pruning Service

Tree Pruning

Pruning is done to provide balance and shape to a tree, as well as to cut away unhealthy limbs. We can turn an overgrown tree into something beautiful and keep it healthy.

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Fowler's Tree Removal Service

Tree Removal

Complete removal can be the best and safest option for those large, unhealthy or dangerous trees.  We will piece down the limbs and trunk of the tree safely and skillfully. 

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Stump Grinding Services 1 | Fowler's Tree and Fence

Stump Grinding

When a tree is removed, only about half of it has been removed. It still has a large, living root system that will likely attempt to regrow. Stump grinding prevents this regrowth and allows new grass to grow.

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Emergency/Storm Damage

When trees get weak or are dead, it doesn’t take much for them to end up on your house, shed, car or fence. Branches that are also broken off diminish the integrity of the tree and need to be cut correctly to keep the tree healthy. 

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Tree Planting

Give your yard some life with a certified, healthy new tree to care for and watch grow. Lots of different kinds and sizes available, contact us for more information.  

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Overgrowth Clearing

If an area on your property has been neglected, we can get it back to a manageable, useable state. We’ll remove all the brush and small trees/bushes then raise up the other trees for a clear view. 

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Tree Removal and Cleanup | Fowler's Tree and Fence

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